WELCOME to Solid Ground

Check out our new facility and birthday party rental packages for kids and adults.  Enjoy our new obstacle course and recreation grounds, swimming ponds, fully furnished cabin, outdoor pavilion and picnic area, wood fired ovens, and rustic farm atmosphere.

Solid Ground Farm Member’s CSA
(sold out of fruit and veggie shares, but still offering eggs, baked goods, and pork)

Featuring farm fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, specialty baked goods, plus, educational seminars, and special events.  View the offerings here, or call Weston at 740-856-6299 for details.

The garden in full force.  Butternut Squash below peach trees.

The garden in full force. Butternut Squash below peach and mulberry trees.

2016 Events Calendar Coming Soon|
May 1: Beginning of CSA.
June 11th: Appalachia Rising: Community Festival
More info coming soon.

Solid Ground Farm
is a sustainable education and event center dedicated to practicing and promoting a neo-agrarian lifestyle.  Using local materials, native and naturalizing plants, heirloom and heritage veggies and livestock, we are creating a farm ecosystem adapted to our unique bioregion.  Come see gardens in the image of the Eastern deciduous forest, houses built of earth and wood, and unique and creative uses of land and water.

Through daily practice, hands-on workshops, tours, community supported agriculture, internships, children’s camps, and special events, we share this passion.  Come out and see Permaculture Design, regenerative homesteading, Edible Forest Gardening, Natural BuildingNatural Farming, and outdoor adventure in action.


 Join Us

Come join the adventure.  Tour our farm and facilities, sign up for a workshop, or just join the dialogue by liking  ”Solid Ground Farm” on Facebook.  We are always looking for new workshop leaders, new ideas, or just a helping hand.   Contact Weston Lombard for more details about Solid Ground Farm.

westonlombard@gmail.com or 740-856-6299


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